Want to be in with the first to find out when a new doll is available?

As I spin the final threads of enchantment around my dolls and teddies, an invocation sparks within my being. I shall send forth scrolls of magic to my loyal subscribers, bearing the first glimpses of these mystical creations, crafted with care and bound with love. These subscribers, dear to my heart, shall be granted the opportunity to summon these dolls and teddies to their embrace before the rest of the world. If, by the light of the stars, these creations are not claimed by my beloved subscribers, they shall venture forth into the realm of social media, to be discovered by other seekers of wonder.

– generated by Canva Magic Write AI

in other words when a doll or teddy is completed I will send out a newsletter with the first photos of it, giving my subscribers a chance to purchase the doll or teddy before the rest of the world. The next day the doll/teddy will become available on social media if one of you lovely lot haven’t bagged them first.

Don’t worry I wont spam you or overload your in-box.  I don’t create that fast. You will get a few welcome emails telling you a little about me first. And your data will always be safe with me and Mailchimp.

Icarus and his wings

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