The Time Keeper


Willo the Wisp’s are always trying to get inside clocks and change time, make it go fast or make it go slow. You must have noticed it happen sometimes.

Well it’s the job of the Time Keeper to stop them and restore order.

He is dressed in dark blue to disappear into the night and has a large hood that can be pulled right down so he wont be recognised. Although he often smiles, and whistles while he goes about so you might know he has passed by.

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Made especially for the Art Doll Only ‘Time’ exhibition;  Here is the Time Keeper. And caged is the latest Willo the Wisp he has found while out checking to make sure that time is running smoothly. Those pesky Willo’s are always trying to upset time and cause havoc.

He is a mixed media art doll, cloth based with clay face, hands and feet. He is 33 cm tall, and he’s clothes are non-removable. His joints are mixed, shoulders and hips firm using teddy bear joints and buttons, and his knees, feet, elbow and hands are floppy. He sits very nicely.


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